Reviews of my students and clients

The evaluations reproduced below have been published by students and clients of mine on my pages in the Tusclases, Superprof, Italki, Apprentus and LinkedIn portals and can be consulted there. They were written in Spanish, English, German and French and here I have compiled them in German:


Great! Andrés has understood my needs from the beginning and he has easily adapted to them. He has the training and ability to teach any level. He is a teacher who knows how to make classes enjoyable, is constantly attentive to the student, knows how to explain things and is very patient. He is also flexible to find schedules that suit your needs. I definitely recommend Andrés as a teacher to learn languages!


He is a perfect teacher, very professional, attentive and creative.

Yanli Chen

Great teacher for me. Thank you so much, dear Andres.


Andrés is an excellent teacher. He perfectly dominates the classes, he is a great teacher and the classes are very enjoyable. He adapts very well to your schedules and language needs.


He is an excellent teacher.


Great teacher, extremely kind, responsive and involved. I found him perfect and I highly recommend him. Furthermore, he even took some of his free time to do some research that could have helped me. In addition to being a good teacher, he is also a good person. Thank you for everything Andrés


A great teacher. He has been my German teacher for several months, and from the beginning the improvement with the language is noticeable. He has many resources, he cares about you and motivates you to study, and also, by knowing several languages very well, he allows you to see examples that help you remember vocabulary and grammar. 100% recommendable.

Julia Bunte-Mein

Andrés was very helpful and prepared for the lesson as usual! Another helpful and fun lesson! Wonderful! Great!


Andrés is a great teacher. He has a very strong background of multiple languages along with an expansive knowledge of many other specialties. He can assess well where one's weakness lies and offers many solutions for how and where to improve.


Andrés was my German teacher during a special intensive course for pharmacists. In four months, all the students who took the final exam, have obtained a B1 level of German (TELC). He is a highly qualified and patient bilingual teacher. Totally recommendable.

Pablo García

Hello Andrés. Well I just wanted to thank you for your good work as a teacher and tell you that thanks to you now I'm ready ... Greetings, TEACHER .....


In my opinion, Andrés is a great teacher. He gave me German classes (especially conversation) for a few months and I learned a lot with him. Andrés knew how to make me feel comfortable quickly, which helped me a lot to loosen up. In addition, he has very deep linguistic and pedagogical knowledge. In short, I recommend him to anyone who wants to learn German. :)

Pedro Antonio

Outstanding in professionalism and methodologies in class. Thanks to your classes, I have managed to realise myself professionally and to get the promotion I needed. To this day, I can also say that I know more about German culture. Eternally grateful Andrés.


I have been taking classes with him, he is an excellent teacher, very didactic. And I improved a lot with the language. His classes were very enjoyable and I learned a lot.

Estíbaliz Rey

Very positive experience, very good teacher, great knowledge of the language and how to transmit that knowledge. Besides he is a lovely person. Recommended one hundred percent.


He taught me for almost a year and helped me improve my German both written and spoken, he was also flexible with the schedules and patient with my pronunciation. I recommend him without a doubt.


Very good teacher, didactic and entertaining. He is also a native German, so his knowledge of the language is undoubtedly good.


The lessons were great as always 👍🏽 Thanks for the lessons. Andrés helped me improve my pronunciation. We talked about tips for using German in everyday life.

We have been doing online lessons with Andrés for 3 years. At the beginning, we practised how to use German in everyday life. After that, we continued with technical topics such as health and pharmacy because of my recognition process. He is very competent and helpful at every milestone in the German learning process with his structured and tailored teaching methods.


My son found the course to be excellent.


I have been living in Germany for more than 2 years now and I have always continued after work courses in a private German Course (5 hours per week). Joining a lot of meetings at work and being subjected to the German quite often, developed my listening skills quite good but my writing and speaking skills were really falling behind. Andrés was the German teacher of my wife, and after seeing her rapid improvement, I also checked with him if he was available for classes as well. During our time, I told Andrés what I want to develop and he also understood where I was lacking. We are now continuing classes for 3 months and from both work and private life, I have received compliments on how fast and good my German was improving. Yes, there are millions of resources available on the internet that a person can study by himself/herself. But with Andrés, these resources are structured and narrowed down to your needs and he helps you develop yourself with the correct method wherever you are lacking in a very relaxed environment.

Clarisa Cano

I learned a lot with Andrés because he is very methodical and patient. I became more fluent and this encouraged me to continue to be excited about learning German. I really appreciate his efforts with me. 100% recommended teacher !!


Very happy. Very good teacher, he helped me a lot.

Joanna Kilar

Attention, commitment, warmth, versatility and professionalism, these are the qualities that distinguish Andrés. I am very happy with the progress we have made.

Lizhi Zhao

Over the past two years, Andrés has helped me a lot with his professional teaching methods. He was able to create an atmosphere of trust so that I could speak freely. At the same time, he never missed my mistakes when I was speaking and writing, and then he usually rearranged my sentences in an authentic way, and I learned a lot from that. Through talking with him, I got to know more about the mentality and thinking patterns of German society as well. So highly recommend!

Fernando Artacho

Andrés is an excellent language teacher. He is professional and adapts to the level of the student. Learning and results come quickly with him!

Thank you very much for your attention!

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