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My name is Andrés Aribayos Hindermann.

I am a freelance language coach for German and Spanish as foreign languages and I offer

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I am a pedagogue, German and Spanish teacher, individual coach and economist.

Besides German and Spanish, I speak English and French.

I will be happy to help you define and achieve your goals in German.

A unique and wonderful relationship develops between me and each of my students and coachees.

We work intensively on learning the German or Spanish language. I coach my students' learning process like a sports coach. I don't let up until he or she has fully understood how to pronounce a word or form a sentence. And once they have understood it, I practice it with them as often as necessary.

We work intensively on expressiveness in the target language. I don't give up until I know that my coachee is expressing exactly what he or she wants to express. I say what I have understood and help with words and formulations until my student confirms that he or she wants to say exactly what we have formulated.

We work with images, sound and text. As we speak, I write down the most important things. At the same time, I take minutes and give my coachee an important learning aid between our sessions. Multi-channel learning is the best way to learn: graphically in spelling, orally in pronunciation and visually with facial expressions and gestures.

We work intensively on defining learning goals, planning activities and adapting to changing circumstances. We talk about the context of learning German or Spanish in the student's life and how this influences learning. I help my coachee to describe and understand his or her situation in the language.

We work on the best way to learn the target language and learning in general, at work and in life. My student learns to talk in the language about learning itself, about processes of change that come from successful learning. In German or Spanish, regardless of their mother tongue or English, my coachee discovers new ways of perceiving themselves and others.

We work a lot in our sessions, but we also have a good time. My students and I work together in a focussed and goal-oriented way, but we also allow ourselves to talk about things that are bothering us, just like we do with a friend. Discussing problems in German is a challenge, but it also means that my coachees often surpass themselves.

I have a unique, wondrous relationship with each of my students and coachees. Every learning process is a joy. And if the learning process is successful, then it's fun and you stay motivated. Learning the language goes hand in hand with a deeper process of change that affects more than just the coachee's ability to act in the German or Spanish-speaking world.

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Andrés Aribayos Hindermann


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Andrés Aribayos Hindermann

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